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18th March 2007

Comlongan Castle, Dumfriesshire

for the marriage of our nephew Matthew to Debbie


   Matt, Debbie, Jill, Chris, John, Dan, Duncan














                                                                         Georgia, Dan, Andy, Matt, Debbie, Lynn, Chris, Anita









4th August 2007

St. James, Shirley, Southampton

for the marriage of our nephew Daniel to Georgina


        Jo, Richard, Ryan, John and Leah

        (Jill was taking the photograph)


I can find no photographic trace of me having attended this wedding but assure you I was there

and would not have missed the occasion for the world







                                                       Dan and Georgia with Jill's brother Andy and his wife Lynn
















                                                            Mulliss Family Line-Up

    Debbie, Matt, Ben, Maisy, Kirsty, Oscar, Lynn, Dan, Georgia, Andy, Anita, Chris, Tim



Ruth with John at Sudeley Castle, Gloucestershire

July 2008



A Celebratory Glass of Champagne as Ruth moves into her New Home

May 2010


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